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Tuesday, 14 June 2016 00:00

"The SILVERWOLF Company adopt 2 wolves at The Lobo Park in Antequera"

Last modified on Thursday, 02 February 2017 11:39


Silver Wolf Transport has adopted 2 wolves at The Lobo Park in Antequera: Nukka a female Alaska Tundra Wolf and Hudson a male Hudson Bay Wolf. 

Nukka is a beautiful wolf, with white fur and majestic face. She is an Alaskan Tundra wolf and is precious as there are so few left in the world (app. 150 in nature). She is the only Alaskan Tundra Wolf in Spain after her 3 brothers and sisters died due to an illness. After all she was lucky because since February 2016 she lives together with Hudson, a handsome white wolf. They are a nice couple and they are extremely loved by all the visitors and one of our favourites. 

For more information please  tel. 952031107 or visit the website www.lobopark.com

Silver Wolf has over 25 years of trading, and over this time they have built up a reputation for excellence. This is seen in everything they do, from their fantastic customer care to their ability to provide competitive prices. They have depots across Europe in Essex, Gibraltar, Malaga, Marbella and Cadiz.

Whether you want to transport personal or commercial goods, they can provide this service for you. They provide a large range of transport options, so their team are able to work with you to find the transportation method that best suits you and your specific requests.

Silver Wolf has a simple philosophy.......Collect and deliver the goods on time, in great condition and at a reasonable price !!

For information, enquiries and a quotation just visit www.silverwolfuk.com

Remember Silver Wolf……. The UK transport service for the Coast and Gibraltar.





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