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Geoff Jameson
Geoff Jameson, Central FM

Date of birth – 26th  December (Capricorn)
• Name your favourite music decade and why?
It was the 80's. I think the music was exciting and varied with some real talent around

• What are some of your hobbies?
Being involved in the music business doesn't leave me much time for hobbies, so I would say music!

• Name 3 of your favourite bands
Duran Duran, almost anything Motown, and Wham.

• If you were forced to sing in front of a packed concert hall, what song would you sing?
Ernie the fastest milkman usually goes down well lol

• Name 3 of your favourite singers
Kylie, Jess Glynn and Anastacia

• If you won the lottery, which 3 countries would you travel to and why?
I'd return to 3 countries I've already been to namely.Barbados, a paradise.  India.Lovely people, an interesting country, and lovely food.and U.S.A.  Went once for a short working trip, not enough time....So much to see and do.

• Name 3 of your favourite films
Love actually, Mrs Doubtfire and Die Hard

• If you were stranded on an island for two weeks, what 3 items would you take besides food and drink?
The 3 things I would like to keep me sane are as follows : Shania Twain ( for obvious reasons ),  A Porsche 911 Carrera, ( just love those cars ), and a bicycle.  Would need the bike to get around on the island, no chance of driving the car !

• If you had to spend a day with an actor or actress for a laugh and a chat, who would it be?
Shania Twain (for obvious reasons)

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